We have a team of committed professionals delivering social care, independent living skills and support in all areas. Our focus is based on the principles of “Every Child Matters” and Care Matters, therefore the key outcomes for young people is of paramount importance.

We are ever mindful that young people entering this programme will have different abilities and needs and strongly believe that we can make a positive difference to their lives. Our approach is to work in close liaison with all professionals involved with the care plan to ensure that the young person has the opportunity to develop and maintain the necessary skills to progress towards adult living.

We offer a holistic social care model with a well defined process. Initially we work in conjunction with professionals to identify the primary tasks outlined in the Placement Planning meeting. Pangea Support Services will continue to work with the young person within the Pathway Planning Framework in full consultation with the case manager.

Every case is handled on its own merits. These range from the complex situations whereby young people will have challenging behavioural needs and feel isolated, through to the development of robust coping strategies and creation of support networks that will enable them to demonstrate their capacity of living independently. We work in close partnership with the Local Authority to tailor the Care Package to the young person’s specific personal needs.

Our accommodation and support is designed with the objectives of providing placements that offer security, stability, opportunity and value for money; ensuring at all times that the needs of the individual and the local authority or health trust, are at the fore front of our thinking.