Our Service

Following an emergency placement we request that a Placement meeting is convened within 48 hrs to discuss the Care Plan, Risk management and any other issues for the young person. Provided the relevant information is available, a placement decision can be made within hours, however before any young person can be accepted a service agreement needs to be signed to facilitate the type of accommodation, level of key work support and agree the costing, if necessary pre-placement visits and meetings can be arranged. Depending on need, it may be possible to arrange a same day placement if necessary. In an ideal world, we would hope to be able to plan a move to our accommodation properly to ensure a smooth transition into semi-independent living.

Services provided will be delivered in accordance with the Children Act 1989 and the Children Leaving Care Act 2000

  • Pangea Support Services will aim to provide a high quality service and safe accommodation incorporating support, guidance and integration of young people within their community.
  • Services will be delivered in a non-discriminatory, professional manner by trained and courteous staff who adhere to equal opportunities legislation.
  • Staff will always demonstrate respect for the dignity and value of the young person, ensuring sensitivity to their individual situations and experiences.
  • Pangea Support Services will positively respond and respect the young person’s cultural, ethnic, religious, language, gender, sexuality, disability, age and communication needs.
  • Pangea Support Services will respect an individual’s Human Rights and have regard for their need to develop self-determination and choice.
  • The overall desired outcome of this service is to enable the young person to secure a positive future in terms of their physical, emotional, educational and spiritual well-being.
  • Pangea Support Services will work in partnership with the young person, all professionals, and other partners and community agencies to achieve this whilst the young person remains in our care.