Valuable Advice

“Social enterprises are businesses which exist to address social or environmental need. Rather than maximising profit for shareholders or owners, profits are reinvested into the community or back into the business. It’s this which makes social enterprise the most exciting and inspiring business movement in the world.” – (Social Enterprise London)
Our newest interactive live training sessions “The Guardian” will be introduced in October 2012 with expert consultants and classes taught by experienced mentors. This is a live training session for anyone that is looking for guidance in a number of areas formed of the following subjects:

Cooking – On a budget, great meals, quick dishes, health and safety, food hygiene
Self Care – Cleaning, Identifying medical conditions, health services i.e. dentist, hospital, doctors
Budgeting & Finance – Learning finance, controlling finances, return on expenditures
General Support – Bullying, Emotional Issues, Social Interaction, Counselling and team building

Our workshops are designed with quality as standard and this obtained by bringing experts in each subject that we offer. We intend to implement a sense of fun, but to teach people the right way. We also encourage young people to schedule their own time to attend these classes. These multi disciplined mentoring sessions will give them the best opportunity to get advice to guide them on the right path to their goals.