Developing Independence

Independence skills are monitored regularly and are part of the key work sessions and planning review meetings. Young people are assessed on cooking, shopping and domestic skills and their identified needs will be incorporated into the care plan.

Asylum seeking and refugee children may have a wide range of educational and social needs. These are summarised by the following issues below:

  • They may have had an interrupted education in their countries of origin
  •  They may have had horrific experiences in their home countries and flight to the UK, and for a small number this may affect their ability to learn and rebuild their lives
  • They may have suffered a drop in their standard of living and other major changes in their lives
  • They may not be cared for by their parents or usual carers
  • They may have parents who are emotionally absent
  • They may be living with families who are unaware of their educational or social rights
  • They speak little or no English on arrival in the UK
  • They may suffer racist bullying or isolation in school

We aim to provide a service to young people who are unaccompanied and seeking asylum in the UK to ensure that they do not become marginalized or excluded from the community. We recognise that as well as facing a new land, language, culture and isolation, children and young people who have recently

arrived in Britain may also be experiencing feelings of loss and bewilderment whilst managing prejudice and racism.. Some of the young people will also be suffering from trauma due to the life experiences that they have been exposed to. Our service helps to develop positive and rewarding relationships between different young people, members of staff and other key professionals involved in their Care Plan

Pangea Support Services also helps in accessing appropriate mainstream services, e.g. Education, Solicitor, Refugee council, ESOL etc. Pangea Support Services aims to provide support and assistance to asylum seekers who are:

  • Under eighteen
  • 18+ and Vulnerable
  • Have no family in the UK.
  • Have no friends to support them in the UK.