Support with Education

To ensure that all young people attain their maximum potential we would expect to be involved in the development and/or reviewing of a Education Plan which is devised in line with their abilities, interests and educational history. This ensures that each young person is able to achieve, and develop his or her self-esteem and gain confidence prior to going into an identified educational/training setting. Our key workers will work alongside a young person’s Personal Advisor, Connections officer or teaching staff to ensure that they receive the support required to maximise their learning. Pangea Support Services is able to provide 1-1 teaching support for young people if required during the interim period prior to Community Educational resource being identified.

Access to local schools/colleges is supported by staff, if required. If appropriate, we will attend the relevant schools in order to assess the suitability of those schools. In order to assist the young people to find the right academic institution, we will make appropriate telephone calls, research the institutions and discussions/liaise with education professionals. Support will also be provided to assist the young person in finding suitable vocational training/employment, if this is appropriate.


  • This involves quickly identifying medical conditions and taking prompt action.
  • Assistance with registration formalities for local doctors, opticians and dentists


  • Usually providing asylum seekers with their own rooms in shared houses.
  • Location of the accommodation will be as deemed appropriate by the placing authority

Emotional Support

  • Assistance to find an appropriate person whom asylum seekers can talk to about their past experiences and to help cope with their feelings


  • Help to find English courses and other educational/training courses appropriate to each individual’s knowledge and training needs

Self-care skills

  • Help to develop independent living skills e.g. cooking and budgeting skills

General support

  • A key worker from Pangea Support Services will help you sort out any problems, offer advice and help you to plan your future.


  • We will try to ensure that your cultural needs are met e.g. put you in contact with your community group, find out about religious services etc.