I believe the most difficult and beautiful part of our lives is when you start growing up mentally. It is important that everyone should make mistakes and learn from them so you can take over your responsibilities and have a successful life. When I got registered in Pangea Support Services and social services I was a 16 year old kid with not a lot of experiences, in a new place without friends or close ones. Life was starting to give me a hard time. Thanks to the proper guidance’s and the help of Pangea Support Services I started education. Muhammed Obsey that was a Social worker of social services was a very open minded and bright man. With his advices I got into the right way. Just like everyone I had my ups and downs but the experience I got there was the most important. Also my key worker Majid Khan was very supportive towards my education and always used to give me advices. Even though it was just his job, he used to do it with all his heart, he was more like a supportive friend than a key worker. Later on I figured out how much important was this to me. 2 years after I was with Pangea and social services I came back to my country Albania. I finished my education and started a job as a barber in the capital of Albania. 6 months after working as an employee I started my own barbershop which is growing every day. I got back on my feet and now I am climbing my way up to life. I believe that without the experience I got there it would have been difficult for me to do and to arrive where I am now.